Landscape of Resistance combines a sculpture, an oval land area, and a food offer happening during the opening day 1st of July.

A sculpture resembling a giant sprout is placed in a fallow area, where a mix of seeds from traditional cultivars and wild herbs has been previously planted. The spot becomes noticeable from its surrounding thanks to its biotic differentiation, marked in the long term by the surprising assemblages of species and new aesthetic formations, fading the demarcation line between sites for cultivars, urban landscape and wilderness.

Taking inspiration from G. Clément Derborence Island project, the artwork sets a miniature de-regulated area for bio-diversity serving as seed bank to allow more vulnerable species to thrive.

At the vernissage artist Egle Oddo offers to the public miniature edible sculptures filled with seeds and herbs. They have been designed in collaboration with chef de cuisine Lorenzo Eleuteri.

A process-based artwork started in 2007, Ark of Seeds is a series of wild-planted fields, as well as sculptural objects of varying dimension channeling collective management of natural resources in the form of a participatory art project. Similar to a leopard spot pattern, the series of miniature fallow areas offer shelter to biodiversity through art production and contemporary landscape design.

Landscape of Resistance is supported by Kone foundation, Svenska kulturfonden, Frame Contemporary Art Finland, Nordic Culture Point. The seeds are part of Maatiainen association collection.



Agrikultura is an exhibition of public artworks, installations, meals, performances, urban interventions, and events to take place outdoors in Hyllie, Malmo, in July/August 2017.

Agrikultura is organized by Kulturföreningen Triennal, developed in collaboration with landscape architect Susanna Kapusta and Malmö City, and curated by Marek Walczak and Amanda McDonald Crowley:

“Some of the questions we wish to address with the project include:
What is our present relationship to the land?
How can we augment and redefine our cultural and emotional connection to a nature that we have over-extended?
How can we re-engage with a nature we have pushed ever further from our lives?

Together, we will re-imagine our cities: artists, farmers, and citizens will work together to develop new ideas and answers to food security. Our vision is to create a unique experience, that will be beautiful, and that will engage our audiences in meaningful ways to think about practical roles we might play in imagining the future of our food systems, in expansive, sustainable, and delightful ways.

We have commissioned artworks that imagine sustainable solutions to food in cities. We will explore permacultural solutions – systems of agricultural and social design principles centered on simulating or utilizing patterns and features of local ecosystems. We explore solutions for a sustainable, attractive, livable city. Artworks will act, in a metaphorical sense, like the architectural follies of historic English Gardens, where memories, musings, and philosophical thoughts are embedded in the landscape.”

Each weekend the curators will conduct tours of the projects, artists will engage the public in workshops and performances, and a special augmented reality App will be created for individual visits.

Artists will create installations, land art projects, performances, mobile kitchens, formal and informal gatherings that will take place in Hyllie’s fields and in public spaces. Invited artists will work with local communities to build projects, and prepare meals.
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SWEDEN : Monix Sjölin +46 040 232732 — Marek Walczak +46 73 349 0371

USA: Amanda McDonald Crowley  +1 718 674 4872



Triennal is an exhibition event held every three years in the south of Sweden. Previous shows included 30 or more artists from the Nordic countries, the Americas and Europe. The exhibition features installations, performances and events. Initially situated in a small village, the work is contextual, that is, it responds to and is made for its location in the landscape.

Kulturföreningen Triennal is an organization of artists that has organized two previous exhibitions in southern Sweden with artists from Scandinavia, Europe and the United States.



55°34’07.0″N 12°58’17.8″E : Hyllie, Malmö, Sweden


1 July vernissage – 27 August 2017
Friday, Saturday & Sunday : 11.00 – 18.00
Free entrance, suitable for families.



Amanda McDonald Crowley, Antonina Simeti, Åsa Maria Bengtsson, Bent Bøgedal Christoffersen, Bjørn Wangen, Egle Oddo, Erik Sanner, Farah Marie Velten, Grit Ruhland, Gunnel Pettersson, Helena Marika Ekenger, Helle Robertson, Jessica Segall, Johanna Kindvall, Josh Miller, Juanli Carrión, Kira Nam Greene, Malin Lobell, Marek Walczak, Mari Keski-Korsu, Mark Shepard, Martinka Bobrikova, Mary Mattingly, Monix Sjölin, Oliver Kellhammer, Oscar de Carmen, Rainer Prohaska, Robert Ek, Rory Solomon, Sam Van Aken, Shu Lea Cheang, Sophia Warsh, Ursula Endlicher, Wes Heiss.