Plant drawings by Egle Oddo



Protecting bio-diversity through artistic research is the main concept of our project. It combines installation and performance with activism and research.

The Ark of Seeds is a trans-disciplinary project. It is a series of wild-planted fields, as well as sculptural objects of varying dimension channeling collective management of natural resources in the form of a participatory activity. Similar to a leopard spot pattern, the series of fallow areas scattered at different latitudes offer shelter to biodiversity through art production and contemporary landscape design.

The sculptures hosts a sealed container filled with seeds from natural wild
population and from traditional cultivars of natural plants, including trees. There is an internal system able to keep ventilation, temperature and pressure
for the seeds. The container, the ventilation system as well as the mechanical
parts do not need electricity to work. The sculpture opens cyclically and the seeds are distributed for free; new seeds are placed inside and the sculpture is sealed again. The opening of the sculpture during Spring is the occasion for a participatory performance with music and festivity.

The project is open to the participation of the public.


Ark of Seeds (AOS) är ett processbaserat konstverk som behandlar aktuella frågor om näring,

hälsa och rättvis fördelning av naturtillgångar. Det fleråriga projektet kombinerar samtidskonst

med vetenskaplig och juridisk forskning på ett banbrytande sätt. Det inkluderar skulpturobjekt

i olika dimensioner och kollektiva ritualer. Målsättningarna är till sprida kunskap om biodiversitet

och att skapa ett kollektivt verk i dialog med offentliga platser.